Our references

Linex Boat – motor boats

Baltic Yachts
 – Luxury yachts

Concorde Yachts
 – 140 ft. sailing boats built in Thailand  (Pekka Koskenkylä)

Oy Nautor Ab
 – Luxury yachts

Lillbacka Oy
 – Luxury yacht 40m. Built at Marinteknik in Sweden

Lillbacka Oy
 – Receptioncounters among others

Finn Power Lillbacka Oy
 – The Blue Dragon (Viking vessel 10m)

Finn Marin
 – Motor boats

Sarins Båtar
 -Sargo Motor boats

Kwaerner Masa Yards
 – Yards cruising ships up to 330m

S.A.Svendsen Oy
 – Turn Key supplier for Masa Yards among other cruise vessel builders.

Merimaa Oy
 – Turn Key supplier for Masa Yards among other cruise vessel builders.

Targa Boats
 – sailing and motor boat manufacturer.

Scandi Yachts
 – manufacturer of one off sailing and motor boats.

Bella Boats
 – motor boat manufacturer

Solnes båt AS Norge
 – fishing vessel cabins

Aquador Yachts
 – motor boat manufacturer.

UPM Kymmene
 – manoeuvre boards furnishing.

Yxpila Boat Yard
 – sailing boat repairs.

Botnia Marin
 – Motor and sailing boat builder.

Holmströms Båtvarv
 – motor boats

Maestro Boats
 – sailing boats

Byggnads Ab Forsström
– construction firm(fixed furniture)

Commodore Seaboats – motor boats

 – motor boats 12m

Ab Ekeri Oy
 – special trailer for rallycars

Lillbacka Oy
 – 2 floor RV

Kaunotar Veneet
 – motor boats

ACF InternationalDanmark
 – vessel furnishing

Linex Recue Ltd
 – rescue boats

Lukkarilan Veneet
 – motor boats

Silver Veneet 
– motor boats

Sailcraft Oy
 – sailing boats 40 ft.

West Coast Marine
 – 10m motor boats

Rolls Royce FF
 – Jet motor boats furnishing

Willys Trade
 – motor boats

Kronoby Kommun
 – furnishing for the new municipality yard

Karleby Församling
 – inr.

Hotell Botnia
 – inr,diskar mm.

The parish of Karleby
 –  furnishing

Slottebo daghem
 – furnishing

Tekninen Viesti Tuote
 – exhibit furnishing

 – motor boats furnishing

WSB Byggtjänst
 – fixed furnishing

Yacht Imperial
  – sailing boats furnishing

Penora Oy
 – railing

 – aluminium motor boats

Ocean Quality Systems