We are one of the leading furnishing carpentry companies in Finland with over 70 years of experience in the marine industry. With excellent precision and a passion for carpentry, we create unique overall solutions for our customers. No matter the vision or need, we are the company that will meet your criteria, and who will always put the customer in focus. Learn more about how we and our partners can be at your service.



CNC milling
Surface treatment

We offer carpentry services in combination with modern engineering, CNC milling, and surface treatment. Because of our years of experience and expertise in surface treatment, we also restore and repair extensive damage to boat furnishings.




In the planning stage, we combine our knowledge of materials and craftsmanship with design to create feasible and deliberate 3D-designs that consider the qualities of the wood. In this way, we save your time and deliver a custom-made, high quality product. We would love to help you plan, visualize and realize your idea.

Ocean Quality Systems



We do maintenance and service work to furnishings and boat furnishings. We also do reconstruction on old boats, because our goal is to work in a sustainable way. We recycle and restore old furnishing materials in order to retain the authentic feel of the boat.


Surveyor & Customer-adaptive solutions

We want to help our customers in the best way possible. That is why a big part of our operation is to develop our company and the services we offer.

To be able to offer lower prices and shorter delivery times, we have developed a brand new way of installing that also guarantees a higher quality:
We finish all the furnishing in our carpentry shop and place all the pieces together, including electricity, heating, ventilation and plumbing. The furnishing is then transported and installed inside the boat. This shortens our working hours and saves money for the customer. The final result is significantly better compared to if the parts were put together piece by piece inside the boat.

Our expertise and experience in the industry is a huge factor why we can offer surveyor services, where we make sure an ordered boat is manufactured according to agreed quality criterias.